After winning applause and money galore for Agneepath, Hrithik Roshan is all charged up to turn into a superhero. The actor is in Hyderabad shooting the action sequences of Krrish 3. But I guess this time, to make sure that Hrithik doesn’t take the sequences too seriously and hurt himself in the process like his last film, his wife Suzanne Roshan and his two kids Hrehaan and Hridhaan have accompanied the actor to Hyderabad.

Suzanne tweeted that they are in Hyderabad with Hrithik in the Krrish suit and with her two juniors Hs along. Recalling candidly, Suzanne wrote that last time Hrithik shot for Krrish, she was pregnant with Hrehaan. It seems Hrithik’s wifey is keeping a check on her hubby so that he doesn’t get too gallant in doing the sequences. After all, he plays a superhero in the film and not off it. Someone needs to remind him that and probably, Suzanne wants to do that job for him. How sweet!

Anyway, coming back to Krrish, a source claimed that Hrithik will be in the city for next three – four months. But he will do take breaks in between to go to Mumbai to spend some time with his family. Apparently, the actor is pretty excited to don the Krrish suit again after a long time. The source added that they are looking for an August date to complete the film. Post which the film will enter the post production phase. But director Rakesh Roshan is in no hurry to release the movie as he doesn’t want a hasty job with special effects of the film. We think that’s quite understandable, for whatever it may worth, Ra.One did set the standards of visual effects pretty high. Next on the same genre has to go beyond it and not fall short.

As long as, the makers are doing a good job with the content of the film, we can wait! What say people? We won’t want another Ra.One, in terms of script. Would we?